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Comments from clients, colleagues,
the press:

“David’s experience, judgment, and focus led to a plan that responds to community values, meets the needs of City Hall, and can be effectively built and maintained. The Plaza will be a great place for Chinatown residents and visitors alike.

Cindy Wu,
Community Planning Manager,
Chinatown Community Development Center

“A major force in the evolution of Chinatown”

Philip Choy,
author of San Francisco Chinatown, A Guide to Its History & Architecture

“David is among the handful of team members whose work led to the approvals of our Expansion and the fire house. We really relied on his judgment, relationships, and experience every step of the way.”

Greg Johnson,
Expansion Project Director,
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Expansion

“Outstanding consultant team delivering a great process and a great outcome.”

Ed Reiskin
Director of Transportation,
SF Municipal Transportation Agency

“Homeless Prenatal Program was stuck. Our Board and staff had spent years consumed with a difficult real estate question – whether to develop an asset we owned or move on and buy an existing building to meet our needs. David pushed the Board to form a real estate committee, led the committee, and really got us moving. He framed the question to help us decide, set criteria and found us a new home – a $4.6 million dream come true. Then he worked with the staff, the lender, the City, and the architect to make it happen. His leadership skills really got us there.”

Jeanne Myerson,
President and CEO, The Swig Corporation

“Without David, we would not have known that the zoning changes previously planned would be very restrictive, and that these changes were on a track to be approved in a relatively short time frame. David quickly arranged for us a seat at the table with City’s planners, providing us the opportunity for us to have these potentially restrictive zoning changes revisited, by giving us the opportunity to demonstrate the need and benefits of more flexible zoning. His insight into the process allowed our efforts to be directed in an efficient approach.”

Steve Wong,
Vice-President, SKB Companies

“David Prowler played a key role in One Rincon Hill. Without his involvement, I doubt we would now be where we are – under construction on the tallest residential towers in the West.
San Francisco can be a tough place to develop a project of any scale. David’s understanding of the City’s dynamics and his calm and thoughtful counsel made all the difference. When we were negotiating exactions with the community and City Hall, explaining the project’s strengths in neighborhood meetings, or dealing with challenges from mapping to forming a Mello Roos Financing District I relied on David.”

Michael Kriozere,
President, One Rincon Hill

“David’s outstanding and dedicated work for the City has earned him the respect of his colleagues and the gratitude of the citizens of San Francisco.”

Former S.F. Mayor Willie L. Brown

“If it weren’t for David’s leadership within City Hall, we’d probably still be negotiating and entitling Mission Bay. He was an effective problem-solver and advocate for the agreements between the Mayor and Catellus and his commitment to the deal helped to solidify community support.”

Andrea Jones,
Senior Vice President,
Catellus Development Corporation

“David led our organization’s work to develop collaborative strategies with other community organizations and the City Planning Department leading to broad consensus and support for the passage of the Chinatown Rezoning. The Rezoning was an extremely important accomplishment, protecting thousands of existing affordable housing units as well as the scale and character of Chinatown.”

Gordon Chin,
Executive Director,
Chinatown Community Development Center

“David’s relationships and his ability to lead us through the entitlement process were key to the success of our projects.”

Steve Kundich,
Director of Design and Construction, WaveExchange

“David Prowler is one of the few people I know whose professional focus is the shaping of San Francisco’s landscape and who hasn’t succumbed to cynicism. He loves the city, and he loves trying to make things happen.”

John King,
Urban Design critic, San Francisco Chronicle

“Politically well-connected high powered lobbyist…”

S.F. Bay Guardian

“Mild mannered do-gooder”

  San Francisco Examiner
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